Saturday, August 26, 2023 16:00 o'clock


Starts from:
Wednesday, March 1, 2023

At registration you can choose bibs from 1 to 999 in case that they are still available.

Registered users have the opportunity to change their distance and cancel registration for the event by receiving a part of their fee back. They can also change their distance and discipline for an additional fee and some extra payment (if there is a difference in fees). Difference in the fees is not given back. These features are available before closing the registration on the site.

During registration you can order a Green Foot T-shirt with original design, for an additional charge. You can see the approximate design of the t-shirt in the registration form.

Children who will run the distance of two kilometers can enroll for free on the spot before the start. After the deadline for registration and payment of the fee, you will be able to register on the spot before the start, but only if there are enough free bibs.

We recommend that you make the payment immediately after registration. If you postpone the payment for later, use the link we send you by email after registration. If you have not received the email, please check your junk mail folder, and if you do not find a letter there, alert us to our email, which you can find at the bottom left of each page. When paying the fee, the Promocode box is optional and you can only fill in if you have a discount voucher. To pay electronically through PayPal, select the PayPal radio button and press Pay. You can also pay with a credit card in PayPal without registering with them.

If you select the “ePay / EasyPay” radio button, after pressing the “Pay” button you will be able to choose whether to pay electronically in the ePay system, at the EasyPay cash desk or through an ATM. To pay at a pay desk you need a payment code that will be generated on the page. Make a note of this code and pay it at your convenience, no later than the payment deadline on the page. To make an ATM payment, you need a merchant code and a payment code that is generated on the page.

After you make the payment, the system will automatically confirm your registration, and the list of participants in the last column of the line with your information will say "YES" for "Paid fee".





Discipline Mar 1, 2023 — Jul 10, 2023 Jul 11, 2023 — Aug 16, 2023 On Sites
Sands Run 21 km BGN 35.00 BGN 50.00 BGN 65.00
Sands Run 10 km BGN 35.00 BGN 50.00 BGN 65.00

Return Fee Dates

From To Return Percent
Mar 1, 2023 Jul 16, 2023 80%
Jul 17, 2023 Aug 16, 2023 60%

Change Discipline End Date

To Date Fee
Aug 16, 2023 BGN 1.00
Photo: Plamen Stefanov
Photo: Kremena Dimitrova
Photo: Stoyana Peneva