Saturday, August 26, 2023 16:00 o'clock


Route and Aid stations:

The route runs along the most eastern part of the beach. Competitors are obliged to stay within 15 m of the water, except when there is a distinctly marked corridor. The Start/Final area is on the beach, about 1200 m north of the mouth of the Kamchia River, in front of the bistro Balaton (coordinates  43° 2'5.42"N 27°53'15.22"E). Competitors start southward, cross the mouth of the river, reach the mid-point and run back the same way to the final.

There are 2 distances: 10 and 21.1 km. For the river crossing there will be supplied safety equipment and lifeguards. If, on the event day, the sea is heavy and/ or there is a stream of the river and the sand ford don’t allow safe crossing, the start line will be moved right to the south of the mouth of the river (coordinates 43° 1'15.30"N 27°53'20.50E"). In this case boats will be provided to transport competitors between the two river banks at the mouth of the Kamchia. Control and refreshment stalls will be situated about every 5 km . Those who run 10 km will pass one and runners of 21 km- three times. At the control and Aid stations and the Start/Finish water, fruit, basic medical supplies, and plastic bags for trash will be provided. Competitors’ bibs will be recorded at the control and refreshment stalls. Disposal of trash is is only allowed at or within 50 m of at control and Aid stations.

Photo: Plamen Stefanov
Photo: Kremena Dimitrova
Photo: Stoyana Peneva